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Information collected via our e-mail enquiries form will be retained at our discretion in a directly readable form for as long as necessary to complete our response. When you send us personal identifying information via the e-mail enquiries form in a message containing a question, comment or information associated with your account at Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd, we will use it to respond to your requests. 

In no event, do we retain or distribute lists of e-mail addresses to any parties outside Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd. All e-mail enquiry forms received at Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd are kept in strict confidence and will not be shown or shared with anyone outside the company.

Personal Information

Visitors may supply personally identifiable information (such as name, address or telephone numbers) for various purposes on this site. These purposes include requesting further information about our products or services, or simply asking a question. Gulliver's Truck Hire Ltd. does not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. 

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